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Fall Front Range Trail Frenzy
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Recent articles
  • Taking it Inside - Why you should, and how to make the best of treadmills, stair climbers, and other torture devices.
  • How to Run Fast - Teach your body how to move at a faster pace.
  • Fast after 40 - Add power to your stride and efficiently increase your stride length. Good advice for runners of all ages.
More articles are available here, and for reading and commenting on my blog.

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Coaching and consultation, for individuals and groups, all ages and abilities.
  • Running
    • Road and Trail
    • 5km - 100mi+
  • Triathlon/Duathlon/Multisport
  • Other endurance sports

Running Form Clinics
Trail and Road
* Reduce the risk of injury.
* Improve your running efficiency.
* Increase your running enjoyment.
* Increase the longevity of your running career.

Clinic schedule to be announced.

I'm always interested in more race volunteers. If you can't race, come out and help and enjoy the scenery. Volunteer time should count for those of you needing certain hours to qualify for some ultras. Also, if you know of any youth (or other local community groups) that would like to make some money, I will make a donation in exchange for help at the races. Contact Adam for more info.

When in doubt, run uphill!