Run Uphill Racing History

:2002: After coaching (volunteer) track for Rocky Mountain Road Runners, several people asked me to coach them personally. At the same time, there were trails I thought would be fun for racing.

2003: Run Uphill Racing started. I put on the first Golden Gate Canyon Trail Race, and the first of what would become the Tuesday Night Twilight Trail Series. I also offered my first Trail Running 101 class.

Over the next few years, I expanded my race offerings, experimenting with different courses including Buffalo Creek, Chatfield, and Lookout Mountain.

2009: The first Bear Creek 10-Spot

2013: Flooding at Bear Creek Lake Park. The 10-Spot moved up the hill and, in 2014, was renamed to Beware the Bear.

After the birth of twin daughters in 2012 (in addition to an older daughter, in 2008), I pared back my business and prioritized my family. I kept the Beware the Bear race going.

2022: COVID hit as I was planning to expand my race offerings. That was delayed a couple of years. In 2022: I added 3 new races: Two Brothers Up-n-Down, Expo Park XC, and Reuter-Hess.

2023: Starting Denver Dragons Youth Running Team.

Adam's racing and training.
Adam's coaching background.