Reuter-Hess Trail Run

Nov 16, 2024
Parker, CO

9:00am start: 10k, ~670' of climbing, on the new trails at Reuter-Hess Reservoir. Climb the Challenge Hill near the start, then mostly rolling terrain on wide, moderately technical trails, with spectacular views. Detailed description below.

1mi kids run: Up the Challenge Hill, then down the way the 10k finishes. Parents/siblings can accompany the kids.

The kids race will start at 8:45am. The adult handicap starts will begin around 9:00.

Location: Reuter-Hess Incline

2024 SWAG tbd (e.g., head gaiter, socks)

Awards to the top-10 finishers, fastest female/male, and a few others.

Start by the parking lot and head W, up a gradual rise, on the wide, smooth path. At ~200m, go left, downhill. You'll be finishing from the right. The trail rolls to the start of the incline. You'll reach a few wooden berms. This is not yet the start of the real incline. The real incline has consistent steps of varying length and height. For the most part, they're spaced too far apart to maintain one stride/step for long, but too close to do two strides naturally. Have fun.

Shortly after the top of the incline, take the first left. This is 0.5mi. The trail starts flat, drops a bit, then gradually rises for the next ~0.6mi. There's a slight crest, one of the two high points. It then drops gradually for ~0.3mi.

At ~1.5mi, the trail turns left, downhill, under Hess Rd. The trail then rolls uphill to the start of the loop at 1.9mi.

Go left and do the 2.4mi loop clockwise. The trail is fairly flat past 2.0mi. The next 3/4mi rolls downhill as you approach the reservoir. There's a short rise, then flat. From ~3.15 - 3.45mi is mostly uphill as you leave the reservoir. As it flattens out, enjoy panoramic mountain views to the west. After ~1/4mi, the trails drops into a small canyon, past mile 4, then climbs back out. The second high point is just before the end of the loop, ~4.2mi.

At the end of the loop, 4.3mi, stay straight and return the way you came out. The trail rolls down, then climbs back under Hess Rd. After passing under Hess, the trail turns right and rises gradually back up. Continue back to the trail near the top of the incline.

There, ~5.7mi, go left. Don't go down the Incline. The downhill is steep, but smooth and no stairs, just several dirt bumps (to slow bikes). It drops in two pitches with a flattish section in between. Near the bottom, go left for ~200m to the finish.

The race will be run Dipsea style with staggered starts by age & gender. The first one across the line wins. Tentative start times below.

Start Times*

>=737&u, >=650:00
70-728, 63-641:00
7&u9, 60-622:00
8, 66-6710, 574:00
63-6411, 53-546:00
9, 6212, 50-527:00
6113-14, 45-498:00
10, 6015-16, 40-449:00
58-5917-19, 35-3910:00
11, 5730-3411:00

* Subject to change. Last year's top-5 will get a time penalty at the start.

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