• Fatigue ResistanceFatigue Resistance
    Why is Eliud Kipchoge able to outlast his competitors in a marathon?* Why was Sifan Hassan able to drop a 64 second lap at the end of the 10000m to win the world championship? Think about the last time you … Continue reading →
  • Trail Mo – How to be fast and efficient on trails.Trail Mo – How to be fast and efficient on trails.
    Trail running is harder than road running. Duh! Of course, running a marathon up and down the side of Pikes Peak is harder than 26.2 of flat roads. That’s not what I mean. Isn’t an hour on the trails the … Continue reading →
  • Thinking Long TermThinking Long Term
    What are your racing goals? Not just for this year. Think big,aspirationally. Qualify for Boston? Run a 100-miler? Do an Ironman? Set a bigPR? BIG, important goals take time to achieve – two years,three years, maybe more. What you do … Continue reading →
  • It’s Just RunningIt’s Just Running
    With all the races being cancelled, I know it can be frustrating. My own A race, Boston, has been postponed. I’ve been building towards Boston for 3+ years. Although I am disappointed, I am not angry. When I step back … Continue reading →
  • Marathon CheatingMarathon Cheating
    Boston and other major races need to do a better job addressing cheating. There have been numerous reports of cheating at Boston and London. At Boston, for example, there was a runner with a time of 3:01:55, after crossing the … Continue reading →
  • Legs v LungsLegs v Lungs
    There are times when your legs and lungs are out of sync. This is somewhat common early in the season or after a lay off. It can be frustrating. It can be risky. The keys to getting back into sync … Continue reading →
  • Why is the Marathon So HardWhy is the Marathon So Hard
    The marathon is uniquely challenging. It is well more than twice as difficult as a ½-marathon and, in many ways, more difficult than an ultra. Still, for many runners, it’s the pinnacle of achievement. Why is it so hard? Things … Continue reading →
  • Trail Running at NightTrail Running at Night
    Running trails at night is a different than daytime. The experience is different. Your perceptions are different. For some, it’s exhilarating. For others, it can be intimidating. For some nighttime is the only time you can run trails over the … Continue reading →
  • Benefits of Heat TrainingBenefits of Heat Training
    It’s getting hot out there. Bundle up. Heat training can improve your fitness, help you adjust to altitude, and improve your racing, even in cold weather. The body responds to stress with the production of heat shock proteins (HSPs). HSPs … Continue reading →
  • Imogene 101Imogene 101
    The Imogene Pass Run is one of my favorite mountain races. It’s challenging and the scenery is stunning without the crowding of Pikes. I’ve raced it four times, all top-20 finishes, finishing between 2:37 – 2:45 on the full course … Continue reading →