Denver Dinos Youth Running

A new youth running club in E Denver.
Aug - Nov, 2024

Running (sports) is a great vehicle for learning about life. It's about testing your limits, experiencing big feelings, good and bad, in a relatively low risk setting.

I know almost everything can seem existential to kids. That's why youth sports can be so great. Learn, experience, feel, practice in running, where the stakes are fairly low, to help them learn how to handle big feelings and situations when it really matters.

  • Ages 6-14.
  • All abilities. No prior running experience necessary. The only requirement is that they are coachable.
  • Two practices a week (encouraged, not required).
  • Free family runs on weekends (when we don't have meets).
  • 4-6 cross-country meets.

Distance for most races
8&u: 2km (~1.24mi)
9-12: 3km (~1.86mi)
13-14: 4km (~2.48mi)

Contact me for more info

Girls jumping bale at XC race